On the second half of the podcast with Caramel Lucas, we discuss being an entrepreneur in today’s world.

Caramel has multiple streams of income because there are many things she enjoys doing. She’s an entertainer and likes to entertain – whether it’s on a YouTube clip, in a book, or onstage as a comedian.

We do talk about her publisher and the benefits that she has received because of it.



Stephen 0:47
Alright, so welcome back Carmel to the discovered word Smith podcast. I have some questions after talking to you about your your business life, your intrapreneurship. You mentioned, like half a million things that you do. And I love that because I also have been doing some talks with parents, telling them basically, hey, the workforce that you grew up with is not what your kids are going to have. And you kind of have already embraced that. You don’t just do comedy, you don’t just write a book, you’ve got comedy. And you’ve written a book, and you have a blog and a podcast and you do all these multiple things. Was that a very conscious thing that you said, I want to do this to earn money and make a living? Or was it I kind of fell into it? Have you always wanted to do that? Give me a little insight in that because I’m very intrigued,

Caramel 1:41
um, that the reason why that I do all the things I do is not because of money. I mean, it’s because it’s a passion. You know, and I enjoy doing the things that I do. You know, so, how I fell into it is because I love the entertainment world. Anything about entertainment is a lot for me, is this excites me and makes me feel good. Like, I just love making people laugh. I love you know, talk to people about you know, situations. I love writing about situations. I like to be creative about things that I do is it’s just a passion for me. The money yeah, okay, is great, but it’s not about that. It’s about just seeing the spark in people’s eye or making someone even if it’s not a lot of people, these one person has smell that day, you know?

Stephen 2:31
Right. Okay, so with that thought, if you had made your book came out, and people said, It’s okay, and nobody bought it, would you still be working on a second book?

Caramel 2:42
I would, nothing’s gonna stop my motivation. You know, I’m a motivator. And I’m a go getter. You know, and you know, everybody’s not gonna like what you do, you know, and that’s life. So everybody’s not gonna like what I do, but I enjoy what I do. That’s all that matters to me. And if you like it, come along with me, let’s go, let’s hold hands and skip along the line, you know, down the way. But other than that, you know, I’m gonna continue doing what I do and continue writing and continue, you know, influencing and motivating, inspiring, just because you know, people don’t like it. That’s okay. That’s okay. Because you get knows a lot of times you can get a lot of nose the four yeses.

Stephen 3:21
Got right, you probably have not had a great night on stage every single night, you’ve probably not had every great post you make on the blog roof, dude, well, with people, it’s part of the game,

Caramel 3:35
it is part of the game, you’re not going to please everybody because somebody is going to find something wrong. Okay. So being on stage or being on stage, and, you know, people laughing or people not laughing when people are saying this looking at you, like you’re crazy, you know, it doesn’t matter least you took that time to show them what you have. At that time, you know, you might have been off key a little bit or, or written something that wasn’t the best writing that you’ve done, and they don’t like it. But that’s okay, because you’re gonna get rejections regardless, and but you have to learn how to accept them and can move in and don’t let it bring you down. Just keep motivating.

Stephen 4:13
So with your book, let’s focus a little bit on that. What were some things that you learned writing this first book? And is there anything you’re doing different with the second one?

Caramel 4:22
Well, I learned that you have to be in quietness. But you know, sometimes you get you get writer’s block, you know. And when I was writing his first book, you know, I was like, I had to stop and think like, Okay, what am I right? And then it started flowing. But, you know, I learned that I have to be very patient when I write, because I get so excited when I write in, I kind of, you know, Miss A little things that I supposed to catch and I didn’t, and luckily that I went to the publisher and he caught it but he said times you have to slow down and write and have that, that moment of peace and sanity. Get alone by yourself and just write, you know, don’t be around, a lot of people don’t have people coming in and out, because you need to focus on what you’re writing about. So it can come off in a good note, you know, so everybody, you know, so that was my mistake, I was around me and my daughter was around me and other things was going on when I was writing, but I had to, you know, turn them out, but at the same time, you know, I had to find where, you know, because I was making a little bit of mistakes. And then when they caught it, I was like, good, these y’all caught it, you know? Right.

Stephen 5:37
Yeah, that’s what that is before. Yeah. So when you’re writing, what’s your process? Like, what Software or Services do you use?

Caramel 5:47
I use Word, Microsoft Word. I love that, you know, and because it’s easier for me, you know, I’m not, you know, computer savvy. So, I like to go down, you know, something, that’s easy. So yeah, word, Microsoft Word is what I use.

Stephen 6:04
Okay? And now that the books out? How are you marketing it? What are you doing to get the word out, get people to find your book and read it.

Caramel 6:11
I’m on social media, as social media, everything. You know, I’m an expert, like, I’m always promoting, like, you would never not see me promote, I promote, promote, promote, promote, and promote. I did I actually put the move, when I did the feature film, I actually took it to a theater, so people can come and watch it, buy the book. And then I did like, a book release. And then I did you know, some characters and I had people go and talk to the characters. So I did a lot. So I tried to promote the best way I can. Now I have a publicist is helping me promote my book. And Mickey is so hot. He’s give me on platforms to to promote the book even more, and I’m just super, super happy about him. Because, you know, he’s helping me push it because I can’t do it about myself. And that’s one thing you have to learn, you cannot do it by yourself, you need help. If you think you can do everything by yourself, you’re totally wrong. Because if you have the extra help, then you can go somewhere.

Stephen 7:19
So I am assuming when you say you’re promoting all the time that that includes your stand up and your podcast. So this all kind of ties in together? You know, hey, you know, I’ve got a podcast, and I wrote a book and you promote here in Utah. So in a way, it’s almost the Carmel, Lucas brand, you’re the thing people are buying across different areas of entertainment.

Caramel 7:43
Right? And true, because I want to brand came around Lucas, and I’m branding her by, by doing my podcast, doing my creative writing, doing my, you know, stand up comedy doing, you know, doing my speaking. And so that’s what I’m brand new is myself. And every time I promote, I’m promoting my different things that I do. Okay, today, I’m promoting the website. Today, I’m promoting the podcast today, I’m promoting my creative writing. Today, I’m promoting my poet, you know, so yeah, it’s basically a brand, I am that brand.

Stephen 8:16
Alright, and so we were going to talk a bit about publishers, and you have a publisher, you used author house, step me through a little bit, what was your thoughts in that? Did you want to do that originally? Did you try other publishers? Did you think of self publishing? What? Where was your thoughts to make the choice? I’m gonna go with these guys and, and pick them?

Caramel 8:40
Well, at first, I was gonna do self publishing for myself, I was gonna do it all by myself. But then I was like, No, because I might miss up in the middle of it. Because, you know, I don’t really know about publishing. So I went to a couple sites and and I looked around, and I was reading their Bibles and their websites and stuff like that. And I’m like, and I tried one publishing company, I don’t want to say this name, because I don’t want to bash anybody. But I tried that publishing company. And it didn’t work for me, because I felt like a publishing company is supposed to be for your knees, what you like, what you want, what you want to do with your own book, you know, and I felt like they was trying to go in a different direction that I didn’t want to go to. And I’m like, No, this is my book. How are you gonna tell me what to do with my book, you know? And so, I went to art house and I talked to this lady there and she was great. She had great customer service, great personality, great everything and everybody that I talked to there was so great with me. And they was like, whatever you want, you tell us what you want to do. And that made me feel good. It made me like, Okay, this is the publishing company that I want to out the house and they call me up. You know, make sure I was okay. Make sure that the book is okay. Make sure that I was on the right track of what I need to do and then this guy Do everything that I possibly needed. And I’m like, this is awesome. I love these people. And it was like, it wasn’t like a business. It was like, a friendship. And that’s what got me because I was like, Okay, these are the great people. Let me go with them.

Stephen 10:15
Great. And are you going to work with them? For the next book to? I assume? Yes, most

Caramel 10:19
definitely. I have to, why not? You know, they treated me so well before. So I know they’re gonna treat me well, this time, you know, and they still contact me make sure that I’m okay. You know, and that and that’s good. And I forgot to tell you, I know, we’re talking about the book, but also have a fragrance out that I made for myself. So I’m just letting you know that too.

Stephen 10:38
Well, next, you’re going to be having a dog breed or something, right?

Caramel 10:41
No, no, no. I just loved invisi I just love keeping busy and doing different things to spirits and stuff, you know, you have the spirits life, you only live once. Right?

Stephen 10:52
Right? Exactly. Um, so you were talking about looking for me, I didn’t really toss around the idea of looking for an agent or a publisher. I just wanted self publishing. I like that, you know, maybe it’s my ego or something. But I like that control. I like being able to know exactly what’s going on. Plus, I think for me, I know an author who had a book trilogy. And halfway through the second book, that he was told, hey, the first book isn’t selling. So we’re going to end that after the second book. And he had to suddenly wrap everything up in the second book. And then it got released, he wasn’t super happy about it, but it is what it is. Because he’s basically, you know, has to do what they tell him. And then both books started selling and they said, hey, let’s do that third book. And he was like, I just, you know, ruined everything. Right. And the funny thing is, now, I think it’s on book 11. So it’s done very well. And I didn’t want that, you know, someone telling me, you’ve got to get this next book out or not? Or, well, we don’t, we’re not gonna sell these books, but you can’t use the characters for anything else. I like the ability to have that control and make the decisions. So with your relationship, how much control do you have? And how much do you retain that you could, you know, make the books or not the books and the characters and things like that.

Caramel 12:20
I have 100% control, they don’t tell me, that’s one thing about the house, they don’t tell me what I can and cannot do. You know, if I want to use the same characters, they’re fine with that. If I want to do something different, they’re fine with that. So they don’t, they don’t, you know, tell me what I should or shouldn’t do. They’re, they’re completely what I want, you know what I want? And that’s what I like, because I heard that some publishers are like that, you know, you got to get this out before this. And I know, they say, you know, take your time we’re here for you. And whenever you ready for the next one, let’s go, you know, and I’m like, cool, you know. So it’s amazing, because, you know, a lot of people have been through horror stories when it comes to publishing, you know, and luckily, I’m not getting would that I’ve been blessed that I didn’t go through that, you know, it was a smooth ride for me. And I’m super happy about that, you know?

Stephen 13:15
So that’s, that’s the important part. You’re not stressed about it. And it sounds like it’s fairly successful. Are they doing some of the marketing? Are you doing all of it, how’s that work?

Caramel 13:29
They did some of the marketing and I did some of the marketing, you know, we work together, they did what they can did, I couldn’t reach and I did what I could, that I can reach, you know, so. So they helped me out a lot. And they still are, you know, like I say, they still call me and tell me, you know, we do this. And we did that. And like I said, they’re they’re real good. And they’re like, so whenever you’re ready, you know, we’re here for you, you know, I have my own personal person that I go to. And I call them up and talk to them about, you know, my next step. And they work with me. And they was like, you know, you know, whenever you’re, you know, so they’re really, really good people and, you know, other houses to me, you know, everybody experience different things when they go to different publishing companies, you know, but with me, it was great. You know, to others, they may not be, but to me, it was wonderful.

Stephen 14:18
Nice. Well, then, you know, that’s the most important part. Would you consider maybe something in the future publishing it on your own? Or even looking for a different publisher? Or are you like, No, I’m happy here. I’m not gonna change anything.

Caramel 14:34
No, I’m happy here. I’m not gonna change anything. I really like them. I really am me self publishing. I don’t know how it will go. But you know, I think like, they have done good so I don’t think I should go anywhere until until they do something different. And they tell me something different. Then I will decide then but right now, I’m stuck.

Stephen 14:57
Got it. Okay. And are you Getting your books like overseas in different countries. And

Caramel 15:04
yes, it’s so amazing though, it’s so amazing when you can go online, and you can see that your book has been over here and then over there, you know, and it’s like, fulfilling you like, yeah, that’s right. My book is overseas. You know, so it’s amazing. And, um, a couple of people have written to me and said that they love the book from overseas. And and I’m like, Wow, this is great, you know, and it’s amazing feeling accomplishments that you made. When you write a book. He’s like, wow, I wrote that. And people really read that the world is reading that, and it feels so good. You know.

Stephen 15:39
I agree. And one other thing, interesting things that I’ve seen is, I don’t sell tons, all over all around overseas. But I do fairly regularly every month, sell a couple copies in Australia. And I found because they have had a hard time having print books, just because it’s an island, and there’s been no real presses there. And everything’s important, they cost a lot. So when ebooks came out, everybody loved it. And without doing anything, I almost always sell a couple books in Australia every year.

Caramel 16:11
Yeah, that’s awesome. Because ebooks is really convenient for a lot of people, you know, and that’s the way to go. But um, yeah, that’s awesome. But when you know, when you go online, and you see that your book is here in there, that’s that’s amazing, guys.

Stephen 16:26
Yeah. And those other house, push or help with anything with translations? Or are they looking to do audio books with your book or anything like that?

Caramel 16:38
I’m actually I have this lady. She was doing, she did an auto book for me. And she was she’s working on it. And so once that’s out, but No, they haven’t done an audiobook for me. No, they haven’t. But they did translate it into a different language. So they did it in Spanish. Yeah. Yeah, but that’s it. But other than that, now, they really didn’t get into details in that, you know?

Stephen 17:10
Okay. And have you even thought of recording the audio for your book to yourself?

Caramel 17:18
I thought about I thought about it, but then I was like, Do I have the voice for you know, um,

Stephen 17:28
now, I know it’s a romance. It’s got a little erotic in it, is does it have some comedy or anything? Is it light hearted?

Caramel 17:37
comedy ending? I mean? Yeah, to have comedy, you know, funny. Come on. So, um, he has comedies funny. His experience is, it’s like, all over the place. And that’s why I say that your emotions will go up and down, laugh, cry, be mad, be upset, be suspicious, be like, who’s doing this? Who’s the one that so it’s like that book that your emotions would be all over the place? You know? And, you know, so?

Stephen 18:11
Did you put any of your comedy from onstage into the book?

Caramel 18:16
Actually, I did not do that, with, which I thinking about doing in my second book, because I feel like me, you know, stand up comedy, you know, will bring out the book a little bit, just let them know, you know, just little couple of jokes in there. And, but I did with the first one, I did a couple of jokes that you can laugh at and stuff like that. And, but I didn’t really get in deep, like deep down details of stand up comedy. But I think in this book, I’m gonna throw a little bit more comedy into it. You know, what, a lot of romance but a little bit more comedy, you know,

Stephen 18:53
got it that that’s I found more and more I like the lighthearted stuff. Even if it’s action and intense psychological thriller, you throw that little bit of comedy, and it appeals to me much more.

Caramel 19:06
Yeah, it does. It does. You know? Yeah.

Stephen 19:14
Before we get going here today, do you have any advice for other new authors, people who are just starting out, maybe struggling to get their first book out.

Caramel 19:24
Um, what I can say to you guys is, you know, just stay focused. And don’t worry about who likes your book. While you cannot kind of worry about who likes your book, but when you write your book, make sure your writing that fits you, you know, not nobody else because it’s your book. So being your book is you’re telling the story, you’re the one that has the details, and you’re you know, if you know you have to, you know, make sure that your book is focused on what you want to be focused on. It’s gonna be a lot of knows that people is not gonna like everything that you write. But that’s okay because that’s your first book and then your second book you learn from your first book. And it gets better every time you write. So, if your success the first one, awesome, if you’re not, don’t worry about it, then do the second book and make it even better. And take the negativity that you got and put into your second book and it will be so much amazing.

Stephen 20:21
Yeah, put that negativity into the character that everybody loves to hate

Caramel 20:26
that because I definitely hate Frank. Okay, so

Stephen 20:33
I want to read the book now, just so I can grumble it Frank.

Unknown Speaker 20:37
I know right? You’d be like

Stephen 20:43
Alright, well, Carl, it was really great talking to you today. I had a fun time. Your book sounds great. I wish you luck on it in the future.

Caramel 20:50
Thank you so much, and I appreciate you. And thank you for taking time out to interview me and you’ve been such a great us.

Stephen 20:57
It was really fun. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 20:59
You’re welcome.

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