Authors talk about the different frameworks and structures they use to help their writing. These can be confusing for new authors – what are they and why should I use them?

On our panel, we have a diverse group of authors. Authors that have written for years and authors that have one book published. Non-fiction and fiction. Fantasy, historical fiction, and thriller. We cover the gamut and it is a nice perspective on the topic.

We talk about: Hero’s Journey, Heroine’s Journey, Save the Cat, Snowflake Method, and Three Story Method. Each author has at least one of these they’ve used, and most of the authors have used several. We discuss when it’s good to use and when they don’t work.


S.A. Schneiderhttps://sa-schneider.com

Middle grade fantasy author.

Joel Burcathttps://joelburcat.com

Episode 92

Mystery thriller author

Valerie Ihsan (Three Story Method Editor) – https://valerieihsan.com and https://valerieihsanauthor.com/

Women’s fiction

Kathrese McKee (Three Story Method Editor) – https://kathresemckee.com and https://writingpursuits.com

Young adult epic adventure author

Dave Milbrandthttps://davemilbrandt.com

Episode 64

Mystery thriller author

Mary Jacksonhttps://maryejackson.com/

Episode 78

Kids author

Jessica Bertrandhttps://www.jessicabertrand.com/

Episode 63

Superhero author

Catherine Spaderhttps://catherinespader.com/

Episode 59

Dark Fantasy author

K.S. Bartonhttps://ksbarton.com/

Episode 37

Historical Fiction author

Angela Haas

The Books

Hero’s Journey Heroine’s Journey Writer’s Journey Save the Cat Snowflake Method Three Story Method