Episode 65B – Lori Rochat – Writer Groups

Lori and I are both members of the Cleveland Writer’s Group – Write, Publish, Polish. Dave and the group has helped both of us with our writing goals. We discuss looking for a writer group to fit your writing needs and the benefits of writer groups. One resource that she has used is the Midwest… Continue reading Episode 65B – Lori Rochat – Writer Groups

Episode 58 – Reader Dave

Dave is an avid reader who typically chooses to read instead of watch TV, movies or play video games. He used reading as an escape and continues to read voraciously. He is retired and lives in Pennsylvania with his wife where he has been enjoying reading old favorites. He has good insights into why he… Continue reading Episode 58 – Reader Dave

Episode 57 – Zach Bohanon

Zach is a full-time writer of horror and apocalyptic fiction. He is also a full time husband and father and lives in Tennessee with his family. He hasn’t always been a writer. Years ago, he started as a drummer in a heavy metal band and then, to lose weight, became a personal trainer. But it… Continue reading Episode 57 – Zach Bohanon

Episode 55 – Reader Alan Baltis

Alan is a VERY avid reader. He not only reads quite a bit of non-fiction, but loves multiple genres of fiction. Not to mention comic books. Together, Alan and I do the podcast Relentless Geekery where we talk about all things geek and nerd, which quite often includes books. So I thought it would great… Continue reading Episode 55 – Reader Alan Baltis

Episode 54 – James L Rubart

Jim is a Christy award winning author. He also recorded the Novel Marketing podcast with Thomas Umstattd Jr. for years. On top of all that, he runs a writer’s academy with his son, Taylor. His newest series is called the True Lies of Rembrandt Stone. Jim says “Talent is not an indicator of success –… Continue reading Episode 54 – James L Rubart

Episode 53B – Michelle Dykman – Frustrating and Time Consuming Editing

Michelle is back to talk about lessons learned with regards to editing. It can be frustrating and time consuming, but is needed and can lead to a better book. Here are some lessons learned to help other authors when it comes time to edit. We also talk about things learned to make it easier when… Continue reading Episode 53B – Michelle Dykman – Frustrating and Time Consuming Editing

Episode 50 – J Thorn

To kick off my 1 year anniversary and 50th episode milestone, I am talking with J Thorn. J is a successful writer of dystopian and horror fiction. He has written millions of words and is a bestseller novelist. Lately, he has been running a great mastermind group – The Author Success Mastermind. He and Crys… Continue reading Episode 50 – J Thorn