Episode 26 – Shay Siegel – Fractured

Shay Siegel wrote her first novel, Fractured, based on trials she’s dealt with during her life. As a young girl, she experienced selective mutism, which would not allow her to talk in certain circumstances. Her book is a YA that has a football player discovering that other people in the world has problems that he… Continue reading Episode 26 – Shay Siegel – Fractured

Episode 24 – David Kouri – Elyria

Today I talk with David Kouri from Texas. He is a thrill seeker and loves sports. In his past life he acted in theater and for TV before switched to behind the camera and writing. His first book, Elyria, is a YA fantasy. When the main character discovers he is a 99 year old vampire… Continue reading Episode 24 – David Kouri – Elyria

Episode 21 – Laurie Douglass – The Uncommon Thread

Laurie grew up in a military family and has used her love of various cultures to influence her books. She currently lives in Maryland, U.S. and because she’s always loved storytelling, she wrote a YA book that contains parts of fantasy and mystery thriller. https://www.lauriedouglass.com/ Links may be affiliate links

Episode 14 – Gin Westcott – Tangle of Time

Gin is an outdoor enthusiast and loves the hiking in California. She enjoys her Schipperke dog to join her during her excursions and will dictate while hiking. Gin has written a unique historical time travel book for Young Adults called a Tangle of Time. You can find out about Gin on her website https://ginwestcott.com/