Episode 52 – Jeff Strand

Jeff Strand’s writing career has been over 25 years, though not all of that has been full time. We have a good chat about what he’s gone through to bring his brand of comedy horror to the world. For his 50th birthday (which is 2 days before mine), he released a writing book that I… Continue reading Episode 52 – Jeff Strand

Episode 50 – J Thorn

To kick off my 1 year anniversary and 50th episode milestone, I am talking with J Thorn. J is a successful writer of dystopian and horror fiction. He has written millions of words and is a bestseller novelist. Lately, he has been running a great mastermind group – The Author Success Mastermind. He and Crys… Continue reading Episode 50 – J Thorn

Episode 49A – JD Rempel – Marigold and the Snoring King

JD lives in San Francisco with her husband and a turtle. Besides writing she likes British TV shows. She wrote her first book, which she didn’t publish, for her nephew. She has written a fairy tale – Marigold and the Snoring King which got an honorable mention in the Writers Digest awards. Her other grade… Continue reading Episode 49A – JD Rempel – Marigold and the Snoring King

Episode 48 – Tara from Kobo

Tara isn’t an author, but is well known in the author community. She works for Kobo, a Canadian based ebook company and she’s done many interviews for podcasts and is seen at conferences and other events. Today she isn’t talking about the author benefits for using Kobo, but the reader benefits that you may not… Continue reading Episode 48 – Tara from Kobo

Episode 47A – Lily Mackenzie – Freefall

Lily Mackenzie is originally from Calgary, Alberta Canada but has lived in Northern California for most of her life. As a single mom, she worked at several jobs, including at a dance studio. At one point she discovered that she wanted to be a writer. Part of that discovery was finding journaling and has done… Continue reading Episode 47A – Lily Mackenzie – Freefall