Discovered Wordsmiths fantasy Fiction

Episode 32A – Enosadeda Odiase – A Dance for the Gods

Nosa lives in the UK, though he is from Nigeria. Besides writing, he is a mechanical engineer by day and has used his knowledge to make the buildings in his books stand out.

He is writing a fantasy series based on the culture and beliefs of Nigeria. Currently, there are two books available and he is working on his third.

You can find his books at:

He also has several favorite authors, including:

A favorite bookstore is in Crystal Palace – Bookseller Crow

Discovered Wordsmiths Fiction mystery

Episode 20 – Victoria Tait – Fowl Murder

Victoria Tait lives in England, but has lived in multiple countries because her husband is in the army.

The various living locations has helped inspire her writing and she has written a unique series of Cozy mysteries based in Kenya.

Victoria Tait author website
Free book in Victoria’s cozy mystery series

Her favorite series, that she reads often, is Lord of the Rings: