Episode 65B – Lori Rochat – Writer Groups

Lori and I are both members of the Cleveland Writer’s Group – Write, Publish, Polish. Dave and the group has helped both of us with our writing goals. We discuss looking for a writer group to fit your writing needs and the benefits of writer groups. One resource that she has used is the Midwest… Continue reading Episode 65B – Lori Rochat – Writer Groups

Episode 65A – Lori Rochat – Schizophrenia, Your Guide to Surviving and Thriving

Lori is a Clevelander, and has used her life experiences to write a book that she wants to help others. Lori was diagnosed with schizophrenia and has dealt with the disease most of her life. She would like her book to help others and the change people’s opinions of those suffering from schizophrenia.