Caramel is a very busy woman. She writes books, but is also a stand up comic and a motivational speaker in Orlando, Florida. And it doesn’t stop there. She has a YouTube channel where she shows a movie she made based on her book and she’s even created a perfume. All that, and she’s a mom also.


Her book is a steamy romance, because she’s a romantic gal, that is the first of many books she is working on.

Below is the movie she made based on her book:



Stephen 0:43
Great. Welcome to discover wordsmiths today. I’ve got Carmel Lucas Welcome to the podcast.

Caramel 0:50
Hey, how are you? Hello, everybody.

Stephen 0:53
Hey, good. And obviously if somebody is in a great mood,

Caramel 0:57
you know what, you know, I’m always in the great move. When you wake up in the morning you should be you know, in a great mood because you see another day, right. So I know so I’m

Stephen 1:09
alright, well, Carville. Before we started talking about your book. Tell us a little bit about who you are, where you’re from some about your background, and maybe some of the things you like to do besides writing.

Caramel 1:20
Oh, okay. Well, I am here in Orlando, Florida. And I’ve been here for like seven years. And I love it. I love the weather. The weather is great. And my background, I am a stand up comic as well. I also do motivate speaking. I I do creative writing. What else did I do? I’m a podcaster as well. And I motto and I you know, I’m an actress. So I do a lot of different things. Because I like to be motivated and always moving. I can’t sit still for some reason. I don’t know

Stephen 1:57
why. It sounds like your days are kind of boring. Like you don’t have much to do.

Caramel 2:03
I mean, I have a lot to do, you know, I have fun and doing what I do. So it’s awesome. And what I like doing on my downtime is spending time with my daughter. And or we go I like going to like different places like you know, racing, I like to go to Daytona and and watch the, you know, racing cars and I like doing fun things, you know, arcades and stuff like that, you know?

Stephen 2:29
Right. And you said you live in Orlando for seven years. Where did you come from or that?

Caramel 2:35
Well, before that didn’t I was in Jacksonville for two but then I came from Connecticut. Yeah. So I was tired of the snow and all that, you know, when I was like, I need some warm weather because I love the hotness. So Atlanta was one of the states that I was like, yeah, that’s where I’m gonna go because it’s always hot and I just couldn’t do the snow anymore. It was too much blizzards and all this extra stuff. Not for me.

Stephen 3:01
You don’t miss ski or anything.

Caramel 3:03
I don’t miss none of that. Okay. It was just too much for me. You know all that snow and and you know stay in Kohl’s and some days you go to work some days you don’t cuz it was blizzards a blizzard, you know. And it’s just crazy. Like,

Stephen 3:18
I like to focus on your book in the readers for this first half. The second half, I like to talk about the writing. But you’ve got so many things going on. I think we should talk a little bit about your whole entrepreneurial life. For the second half. We’ll get to that there’s a teaser for the second half. How’s that?

Caramel 3:35
Okay, perfect. That’s awesome.

Stephen 3:37
Okay, so with all these things, why did you want to start writing? What made you finally sit down and say, I’m gonna write a book?

Caramel 3:44
Well, before that, you know, always, you know, written, you know, I love essays and stuff like that. So, you know, I was writing poetry first. And then, because I love portrait, I love that romance kind of thing. So I was like, let me just write a book. You know, it’s inspirational, because, really, the book is basically about my personalities. You know what I mean? Yeah, I got crazy personality. So. So I sat down. And I, you know, I, this is also what I’ve seen, you know, and the people I’ve been around and the people I see and what I see on social media, what I see here and what I see there, and I just put it into a book, you know? And so that’s basically why I did it, because it was an inspiration. So let me just write a romance because I really didn’t think a lot of women does that because a lot of women does like business books, or they’ll do like, not really erotic books. So I was like, let me be one of these erotic women out here, just to get down in the nitty gritty in the book. That’s what I did. Yeah,

Stephen 4:49
you chose to write a romance book. Sounds like a little bit erotic. I I’ve interviewed several older women and they seem to not Go for the romance. Um, and I wouldn’t know if it was the age. And you mentioned you have a daughter, you’ve lived in Florida. So it sounds you sounded younger than that. And I was just for my own benefit. I wasn’t trying to out you on your age, because I saw your picture. And you’re definitely very beautiful. So don’t worry about it.

Caramel 5:18
Thank you so much. Yeah, I mean, you know, a lot of people when I, when I tell people that I write erotic romance books, they look at me like, I’m crazy. Like, what? That’s what’s the kind of books you write? Why not? Because I feel like, every day, every day is licensed to patients, you know, and everybody, you know, is in romance, you know, and everybody’s erotic sometimes. So why not write about it? You know, why don’t write about what’s going on the life anyway. I mean, Muse is like that, you know, you listen to music. You hear music, all kinds of like news? Oh,

Stephen 5:53

Caramel 5:54
So it’s no different in listening to music, and like in that song, or writing a book, and like it was in the book, you know.

Stephen 6:02
So, without getting too explicit, I guess, tell us a little bit about the book, what it’s about interest readers who may be like, I think I might want to read that.

Caramel 6:12
Well, the book is basically about four friends in the four friends are very close. They, they, you know, they support each other and love each other, and all this good stuff. And as you know, each one has their own separate lives. Like Denise, she has a you know, she wants a baby and she can’t have kids. But she loves her husband very much. And like Keyshia, she’s an independent woman, she got abuse when she was in a relationship for two years, she decided to get out of that relationship. And she wasn’t looking for nobody. But you know, she came across this wonderful guy. And about Liz, she’s a married woman with three kids, she, her husband is always going out cheating on her with every woman in the world. And she’s a stay at home mom, and he feels like she should do, she got you know, gained a little bit of weight. And he’s unattractive to her now. And she has an older son, and he, you know, despise his father because he felt like he should be there with him and the family. And he goes sheet and then the wife meets a younger guy, you know, and he makes her feel like a woman again. And you know what I mean, when I say that,

Stephen 7:27
okay? That’s where the parts we don’t want to put into the interview are.

Caramel 7:31
Exactly. And since so, you know, and a friend in the last girl was Tanya, and Tanya is the youngest of the group. She does everything possible that imagine this in the world today. And she also cheats with, you know, with someone close to her. That is one of her friends, man. Basically, yeah, tiny doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about like, she has a daughter, these her daughter with her mother, and let her mother raise her daughter, and her daughter is five and she just want to go out and party. That’s all she wants to do.

Stephen 8:09
So based on what you were saying earlier about all the things you do, are each of these characters an aspect of you? Or are they people, you know, how’d you come up with all the variety?

Caramel 8:22
Right? Well, the people well, you can say someone’s me and some people, you know, people that I know, for example, like Tanya, I mean, I’ve seen some, you know, I’ve seen a lot of things. And so I decided to write that character. Because, you know, the people that I’ve seen that I’ve been around, you know, they do such things, you know, and, and I’m like, Wow, so let me write about her, but I’m gonna put her name on it, you know? And then so, you know, but you know, certain ones, is me, for example, Keesha because I’m a very independent person, I’ve been through a lot of my life. So I decided to go ahead and write that. And, you know, Denise, you know, a little bit of me, you know, and Liz, is not me at all, is this what I’ve seen, you know, and what, you know, people talk to me about it, or what I’ve heard or something like that. So I just wrote that character, because I felt like all the women should see that you’re worth more than being, you know, put down or mentally abuse, you know, if somebody’s out here for you, you don’t have to be in that relationship. You can move on even though you’re married and have kids doesn’t mean that you bond it to that because you don’t need to be treated, you know, really bad or belittled by any man, you know,

Stephen 9:44
right? That’s a big topic, even in the news today, so it fits right in with contemporary thoughts. So what what other books out there that are similar to this one, if readers say, Oh, well, I like that book. Maybe I’ll pick up karma

Caramel 10:01
Well, actually, I have a, actually, that book has a movie too. It is on YouTube. And I decided to make a movie out of it because I felt like there’s something that I wanted to do. And I made it, actually a feature film off of that move off that book is on YouTube, and it’s called in love with the other man by myself, Karina Lucas, after

Stephen 10:27
look it up and provide a link.

Caramel 10:29
Exactly. And also, I have another book that I’m about to, you know, get together. It’s called Rebecca, meet Philip. And this book is based about a teenager who wants to live a life, but the mother keeps telling her that she can’t live that life because, you know, I’m not all put too much into it. But the mother dream was to become a singer. And when her daughter finished high school, she wanted to become a dancer. But her mother was, you know, didn’t want her to pursue her career because she didn’t have a chance to pursue hers.

Stephen 11:02
Got it is a direct sequel or just a similar book.

Caramel 11:07
It’s like a direct sequel now is a similar book that Whoa. Yeah. Yeah. Similar book. Yes. I’m like, yeah. So you know, it’s just like, it’s, you know, has a little bit of romance in it. But like I said, it’s a teenager book. And, you know, it’s more her, you know, goals. Yeah. Um,

Stephen 11:27
so, is this, did you self publish this? Or did you go through a publisher?

Caramel 11:33
I went through a publisher actually went through out the house.

Stephen 11:35
Okay. And, yeah, we’ll talk about that a bit more in the first book is out the second book, when do you expect that to be out?

Caramel 11:43
I’m given, I’m probably, I’m still, you know, I finished it and everything. And, you know, like I said, I got a lot of other things going on. So, so, I’m gonna give it like, a six months, seven months, something like that. Because I’m thinking about doing that. And then I’m also thinking about, um, you know, crane crane, a horror movie, you know, and look at that. Never did that before. And I want to try it. This is the Argos.

Stephen 12:11
Nice, and I love that. Is it going to be a romance horror?

Caramel 12:15
I know, I’m all about this romance kind of thing. No, actually, I don’t even know which direction I want to go right now. But, you know, nine out of 10 of probably a romance kind of heart kind of thing. Because I love the romance. You know, I’m I’m not one lovable kind of girl. You know. So, I love romance. I love love period. So you probably end up going that way. But I’m, I’m in the process of writing it now. And I’m just trying to figure out which direction to go. You know,

Stephen 12:44
go. Right. Got it. Okay. And what type of feedback have you gotten from readers?

Caramel 12:50
Oh, my God, everybody loves it. They waiting for the second part of the book, right? They’re like, Look, you have to have the second part. Because once they read it, they read the whole book. And they sat down and read it. And it was like, Oh, my God, I need the other part. You know, and they love it. They think is awesome. They like they, they it’s like a up and down like a roller coaster. Your emotions go up and down. And, you know, everybody can’t stand a list husband and Frank because he thinks he’s a douchebag. But you know, everybody really loves the book. And they were they waiting for a second one. So

Stephen 13:24
Oh, well, that’s good. That’s definitely what you want. And you need those characters in there that people can love to hate.

Caramel 13:30
Yeah, yeah. And I believe that and, and, yeah, Frank is the one that everybody hates right now. You know, and I’m like, wow, okay. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 13:42
it’s crazy. Yeah.

Stephen 13:44
Okay. And so Carmo growing up, what were some of your favorite books and favorite authors?

Caramel 13:52
Well, I’m gonna be honest with you, when I was growing up, I really didn’t have a childhood life. Basically, I didn’t really read a lot. And I didn’t really write a lot. I started writing when I was like, What 412. And that’s when I started reading and stuff like that. But when I was growing up, I really, I was hearing there. So I really didn’t have much time of reading and writing. You know, when the school came home had to take me out my you know, my grandparents with my brothers, because I’m the oldest of our six, you know?

Stephen 14:31
Yeah. So you didn’t get a chance to read a whole lot growing up. Does your daughter read? Do you read with her or anything like, Oh

Caramel 14:39
my gosh, she’s a reader. Okay. She reads everything she does not like she reads everything. And I’m so super happy for that. Because, you know, as I like I said, I was 12 when I started doing everything, and now she’s 15. But she’s been reading and she loves reading. She writes, but she don’t care for writing that much. But when it comes to reading, reading is her everything you know, and I love that about it because she likes going to library getting books and going any books you see she like, I want to read that I want to try it out, you know? Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah.

Stephen 15:14
Great. Well here before we finish up our reader discussion on your book, tell everybody why they should get your book.

Caramel 15:24
I mean, they should get my book because listen, everybody you should get my book is because it is it is a roller coaster gives you emotions, it’s fun to read, you will love the characters, you probably you can relate to some of the characters because you know everybody can relate to someone in that book. You know, I have other characters in the book that you may relate to, such as Kim and you know, Craig and his his lot of different characters in the book, but I believe that you will enjoy and you’ll want the second book and the second book will be coming and you know, I don’t believe I believe that you will keep reading until you finish the book. Because once you get in the book, you cannot put it down you know, so that’s why

Stephen 16:11
nice. Alright, so tell everybody one more time what the title is and where they can get it and where they can find you online.

Caramel 16:19
Awesome. So the name of the book is in love with the other man is by Caroline Lucas. You can get an on or you can say Francine a camera Lucas and his by, you can get on Arthur house. Walmart, Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, any any platforms or book platforms you can get it on? You can also follow me on social media under camera Lucas on LinkedIn. Instagram, on Twitter is Miss m s underscore underscore Carmel. And for Instagram is at Miss m s. Carmel. Lucas. You can look my website is www dot caremount. Lucas dotnet.

Stephen 17:08
Okay, I’ll put some links in the show notes also. Thank you. All right. Well, Carl is great talking to you about your book. I wish you luck. It sounds like you’re having some very good success with it already. And maybe we’ll chat again once the second book comes out.

Caramel 17:23
Awesome. That’d be great. Yeah.

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