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Are you a reader? Looking for that next great book? Like to discover new authors and books to read? Discovered Wordsmiths focuses on finding exciting new books to talk about. We ask the author about their book and why they wrote it. Find your next favorite book!

Are you an author? Feel like writing and publishing your book is getting to be to much? Need some inspiration from other authors? Every author I talk to is new. They have their own stories and path to becoming published authors, and you may find it’s not too different from yours. Plus- we discuss topics with every author that affects new authors. If you’re looking for a solution that others have already used, you can find it here.

Discovered Wordsmith is a podcast dedicated to chatting with new and aspiring authors. They may not be household names, but they have put in the work and have their first steps on the author career path.

Join Stephen Schneider (author S.A. Schneider) each week as he talks with a different writer about their book and the struggle they’ve gone through to get it published.

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Really enjoy listening to this podcast

The host is great and the guests are usually very interesting. Dangerous though, you might find a lot of books you want to buy.

b2k2gif – Impressive podcast that is supportive of new authors!

I’ve listened to each of these podcasts and I am very impressed with Stephen and what his mission is; to support new authors, pull advice, and share best practices to the world. I’ve learned several tips and will put into practice. Bravo for launching this podcast and I look forward to new episodes!

MJR – Great inspiration for aspiring writers

Stephen Schneider who is an author himself interviews new authors and aspiring authors on their path and journey to publishing success, so if you’re an avid reader and looking for new authors to read or if you’re an aspiring author looking for inspiration to get your book published or to polish your craft then this podcast is for you, it gives you the backstory on new and aspriring authors or authors who have recently published Easy to listen to, Stephen has an easy interview style an dputs his interviewees at ease – fun podcast worth your time to give a listen.