Over the last year and a half, many opportunities with the podcast have presented themselves. I wanted to share these with other authors and encourage everyone that has been a guest on my podcast to take advantage of some of these. Below you will find some great communities and other links that are worth checking out.

NOTE: if you’re looking for the podcast interview tips – here you go.

1 – Are you an author and you’d like to be on the podcast? Go over to the contact page and send me a message.

2 – If you’ve been on the podcast, I’ve added episodes with authors reading a chapter of their book. If you’d be interested in this, drop me a line and we’ll set up a time.

3 – Literary titan book trailer – This company was recommended by one of the podcast guests. He said they do great book trailers and they offer a discount to Discovered Wordsmith podcast interviewees and listeners. –

4 – Writing Academy – I also have been working with James L Rubart. He used to be on the Novel Marketing Podcast with Thomas Umstattd Jr. He is also in the Christie award hall of fame. Anyway, I love working with him and can easily recommend his training because I’ve gone through the online training and will be attending a live Academy next year. If you’ve never heard of him, check out his services –

5 – The Author Success Mastermind – I would also like to highly recommend this group run by J Thorn. I am in the Slack group and also participate in the Saturday mastermind group with J and other authors. I don’t participate much in Facebook groups, but I love this one. I would highly recommend you check it out and think about joining (this is an affiliate link but I love this group). –

6 – Bookstore project – I am working on a project for authors to help support each other and their local bookstores. To check it out and become a part of it – go to

7 – Creative Edge Publicity – Mickey runs a great service. Many of his authors have appeared on this podcast and Mickey has spoken with me for an episode. If you’ve thought you can’t trust a publicist or that you don’t need one – you might want to check him out –