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Episode 34A – Doug Knust – Man Stuff

Doug came to writing his first book in an interesting way. He felt there was a need to instruct boys in lessons for men and spent years running a group that helped accomplish that. Many of the lessons are bundled in his book, Man Stuff.

This helpful book is targeted to young men and designed to give them many things to learn as they grow.

By day, Doug owns and runs a car dealership, but loves spending his free time with his group – which is called The Explorers.

Some of Doug’s recommended leadership books:

Discovered Wordsmiths Non-Fiction

Episode 17 – Jim Irving – B2B Selling Guidebook

Jim lives in Ireland and has been in selling for most of his life. He has used that experience to write a book to help others in their selling. It’s not a typical how-to book and he uses stories of his experiences to teach his points.

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Episode 07 – Michele T Berger – Reenu You

Michele is not only an author, she is a college professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a creativity coach. She works with students in women’s and gender studies and authors to improve their ability to tap into their creativity.

Her story, Reenu-You, is a post apocalyptic story where civilization is destroyed through a hair care product. As far as she knows, it’s the only post-apocalyptic story using hair relaxer as the downfall of civilization. She has gone through Falstaff books, so knows traditional, indy, and hybrid publishing.

Discovered Wordsmiths Non-Fiction

Episode 06 – Ronald Murphy – Crypto-Guru

Today’s episode I welcome Ron Murphy – the Crypto-Guru. That’s crypto as in cryptozoologist. Ron actually helped mentor Colin from episode 02.

Ron has been giving lectures at various conventions and festivals and has written several books about various crypto and supernatural topics. He has been on tv (with Robert “Freddy Krueger” England) and he also co-hosts a weekly podcast that explores the strange.

Lately, Ron has written some poetry and fiction. And on top of all that – he just became a grandfather!

If you’d like to check out his work:

Ron’s Amazon author page

Inside the Goblin Universe podcast

Corridor 13

and some of his books:

Discovered Wordsmiths Non-Fiction

Episode 03 – Mark J Roman – Conquering the Boundaries of Friendship

Mark J Roman after traveling the world, it took brain surgery in his 60’s for Mark to get his book out.

Marks career as a healthcare consultant has taken him all over the world. During that time, he developed his idea for a book about men and their relationship to each other.

It wasn’t until Mark had emergency brain surgery for a birth defect that he decided to actually get his book out. His path may not be typical, but he has written a book that is relevant and needed.

You can find mark at:

email him at:

His book, Conquering the Boundaries of Friendship, is available at Amazon and the print edition can be found at Barnes and Noble.

Discovered Wordsmiths Non-Fiction

Episode 02 – Colin Schneider – Ramblings of a Teenage Cryptozoologist

Colin and I visit Last Exit Bookstore

Colin started his career much younger than most – he was 15 when he started to talk to groups at conferences. His research into the paranormal and cryptids allowed him to become a radio host and he interviewed some of the biggest names in the paranormal field. By the time he was 17, he had published his first book.

The audio for this episode was recorded on Skype.

You can find colin at:

And you can get his book on Amazon (affiliate link):