Episode 64B – Dave Millbrandt – Writing for 15 years

Dave spent 15 years writing his first book. Off and on. This is an interesting topic since many authors take years to write their first book, but once that is done, they don’t spend nearly as long on subsequent books. Find out what Dave has to say about taking so long to write his first… Continue reading Episode 64B – Dave Millbrandt – Writing for 15 years

Episode 42B – Doug Lawrence – Time

Doug talks about finding the time to write and using the time you have to write. Authors need to get the words out, but we don’t always follow our own advice. Transcript: Stephen 0:47All right, well, welcome back to the podcast, part two with Doug Lawrence. And we’re going to talk a little bit about… Continue reading Episode 42B – Doug Lawrence – Time

Episode 01 – Intro

Welcome to Discovered Wordsmiths. This podcast is dedicated to talking to new and aspiring authors. Each episode I will find out from these authors what they’ve done to get their book out and find out how their author career is going. This is a quick introduction to the podcast and myself. As an author, writing… Continue reading Episode 01 – Intro