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Episode 14 – Gin Westcott – Tangle of Time

Gin is an outdoor enthusiast and loves the hiking in California. She enjoys her Schipperke dog to join her during her excursions and will dictate while hiking.

Gin has written a unique historical time travel book for Young Adults called a Tangle of Time.

You can find out about Gin on her website

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Episode 10 – Antoine Bandele – By Sea and Sky

Antoine has had a varied career in his life. He caught the wave of Star Wars by having a relevant Youtube channel. He’s used those skills with his author career.

He uses his life experience and his family ancestry to bring unique stories to life. He bases some of his stories on African mythology and brings it to life in his stories.

Check out his website –

He has a great youtube channel –

His latest book is a sky pirate series:

Antoine’s favorite local bookstore is Eso Won Books

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Episode 04 – Lon Varnadore

Lon has been writing for several years and has written several fantastic books, but he struggles to catch fire and launch his career to the heights he’s like. He loves to write and has been working on figuring out his voice and genre.

Lon writes sci-fi, horror and fantasy books, all genres he enjoys to read. Hear about why he writes such diverse genres and what his plans are for the future.

Lon has offered a free origin story for his Junker Blues: Mars – get it here.

You can find Lon on Amazon –

Check out Lon’s latest books: