Episode 65A – Lori Rochat – Schizophrenia, Your Guide to Surviving and Thriving

Lori is a Clevelander, and has used her life experiences to write a book that she wants to help others. Lori was diagnosed with schizophrenia and has dealt with the disease most of her life. She would like her book to help others and the change people’s opinions of those suffering from schizophrenia.

Episode 55 – Reader Alan Baltis

Alan is a VERY avid reader. He not only reads quite a bit of non-fiction, but loves multiple genres of fiction. Not to mention comic books. Together, Alan and I do the podcast Relentless Geekery where we talk about all things geek and nerd, which quite often includes books. So I thought it would great… Continue reading Episode 55 – Reader Alan Baltis

Episode 50 – J Thorn

To kick off my 1 year anniversary and 50th episode milestone, I am talking with J Thorn. J is a successful writer of dystopian and horror fiction. He has written millions of words and is a bestseller novelist. Lately, he has been running a great mastermind group – The Author Success Mastermind. He and Crys… Continue reading Episode 50 – J Thorn

Episode 03 – Mark J Roman – Conquering the Boundaries of Friendship

Mark J Roman after traveling the world, it took brain surgery in his 60’s for Mark to get his book out. Marks career as a healthcare consultant has taken him all over the world. During that time, he developed his idea for a book about men and their relationship to each other. It wasn’t until… Continue reading Episode 03 – Mark J Roman – Conquering the Boundaries of Friendship