Episode 83 – 2nd Interview David Rae

Overview David is back to update us on his Crow Man book world. He’s had some problems and we discuss what he’s doing to help that and thoughts on what any author could do. He also would like to get a book of short stories based in his Crow Man world and offers any author… Continue reading Episode 83 – 2nd Interview David Rae

Episode 38B – Kevin Fellows – Marketing Fantasy

Kevin and Stephen talk about how to market fantasy stories in today’s world. Kevin doesn’t like writing typical fantasy, and this makes marketing even more difficult. Publishing poetry also adds interesting elements to trying to market. Kevin talks about not following marketing advice and why the general advice doesn’t work for his books.

Episode 32B – Nosa – Black culture in fantasy

The discussion with Nosa continues as we discuss the growing rise in black culture in fantasy. Part of this discussion is why it is happening now and what has changed to allow it to happen. It’s interesting to see how we feel that independent publishing has helped bring about this growing diversity and how indie… Continue reading Episode 32B – Nosa – Black culture in fantasy

Episode 04 – Lon Varnadore – Junker Blues

Lon has been writing for several years and has written several fantastic books, but he struggles to catch fire and launch his career to the heights he’s like. He loves to write and has been working on figuring out his voice and genre. Lon writes sci-fi, horror and fantasy books, all genres he enjoys to… Continue reading Episode 04 – Lon Varnadore – Junker Blues

Episode 01 – Intro

Welcome to Discovered Wordsmiths. This podcast is dedicated to talking to new and aspiring authors. Each episode I will find out from these authors what they’ve done to get their book out and find out how their author career is going. This is a quick introduction to the podcast and myself. As an author, writing… Continue reading Episode 01 – Intro