Episode 58 – Reader Dave

Dave is an avid reader who typically chooses to read instead of watch TV, movies or play video games. He used reading as an escape and continues to read voraciously. He is retired and lives in Pennsylvania with his wife where he has been enjoying reading old favorites. He has good insights into why he… Continue reading Episode 58 – Reader Dave

Episode 09 – Frank Knight – Veil of Eden

Frank’s journey to becoming an author is different than most author’s today. When he decided to start writing, the kindle wasn’t even around yet. He also didn’t publish traditionally, so he overcame hurdles that we may not face today. His book – Veil of Eden – is a sci-fi, fantasy with political leanings. It was… Continue reading Episode 09 – Frank Knight – Veil of Eden

Episode 06 – Ronald Murphy – Crypto-Guru

Today’s episode I welcome Ron Murphy – the Crypto-Guru. That’s crypto as in cryptozoologist. Ron actually helped mentor Colin from episode 02. Ron has been giving lectures at various conventions and festivals and has written several books about various crypto and supernatural topics. He has been on tv (with Robert “Freddy Krueger” England) and he… Continue reading Episode 06 – Ronald Murphy – Crypto-Guru

Episode 05 – Michael Dibaggio – Ascension Epoch

Mike Dibaggio has been trying something a bit different with his books. He writes superhero stories set in his own unique world. This world combines elements from many great fantasy stories – War of the World by HG Wells being the main basis. He has combined these stories into his own unique universe and even… Continue reading Episode 05 – Michael Dibaggio – Ascension Epoch