Welcome to Discovered Wordsmiths. This podcast is dedicated to talking to new and aspiring authors. Each episode I will find out from these authors what they’ve done to get their book out and find out how their author career is going.

This is a quick introduction to the podcast and myself. As an author, writing under S.A. Schneider, I write middle grade and teen fantasy fiction. I have met many authors, who like me, have been writing for years before the get their first book out. I want to find out more about these individuals in this podcast.


Welcome to the first episode of Discovered Wordsmiths. My name is Stephen Schneider, I write under the pen name S.A. Schneider. Let me give you a brief intro what the podcast will be about.

I listen to a lot of podcasts like a lot of authors. I hear a lot of talk about people who have had big numbers, people who sold lots of books, people who have been very successful. That gets a little discouraging when you’re still struggling to get your first book out and you’ve already tried to write three or four books and discarded them. Nothing seems right, you feel like you don’t know how to write and you’re not a good writer or a good author, that you’ll never make it. So hearing that somebody made 10,000 a month or they made six figures in a year isn’t helpful when I haven’t any books and only made $100.

That was my thinking. I know there’s a lot of authors out there that have struggled and gotten through this and they do have a book out or maybe even two now. They might have spent years to get that out. Maybe they aren’t making huge sales numbers yet, but they have done it. They got in there. That’s what I think would be a little more inspirational to struggling authors. Somebody that’s just a little bit above them, a goal that they can reach. That was my thinking. I wanted to create this podcast to find other authors that had gotten their success by getting the book out/ By making a couple sales. What did they do? what are they doing now? What’s their plans? Hopefully that will become inspirational. I, as of this podcast, have been working on my stories and books for a little over four years. I just recently got a full novel out. I’ve got plans for others. The first was done I’ve written so much I’ve got several that are almost done. I should be able to practically explode with several stories within the next year. That’s exciting to me. I didn’t even think I could get out a book, I thought I was going to have to hold onto it. I thought I’d have to write a second one. I just decided to put it out, I just did it and it’s out there.

So that’s basically what the podcast will be about and that’s basically who I am, an aspiring writer that looks to others and tries to help others to get to the same point. Hopefully, in a few years, I’ll talk to some of these authors a second time and I’ll have multiple books out. They’ll be successful. They’ll have the author career that they desire. Stick with me, check these authors out. Come with us on the journey and find out what they’ve done to reach the point that you may like to get to.