Episode 04 – Lon Varnadore – Junker Blues

Lon has been writing for several years and has written several fantastic books, but he struggles to catch fire and launch his career to the heights he’s like. He loves to write and has been working on figuring out his voice and genre.

Lon writes sci-fi, horror and fantasy books, all genres he enjoys to read. Hear about why he writes such diverse genres and what his plans are for the future.

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[update] – Lon is really making things happen lately. Here is a short video showing the magazine he recently appeared in.

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Stephen 0:50
So okay, I appreciate you taking a bit of time on this. I like talking to other authors and we’ve met so that’s always a good thing to just do this. Okay, we’ll just get right into it. Tell us a little bit about yourself first, who you are, and what you like to do other than writing.

Lon 1:12
Okay? name’s lon Varna door or lon, he Varna door. Both both I use both his names. So I mean, I have born in California raised here. Most of my life. I had a very brief stint on the East Coast for a few years. But California, I’ve been living 90% of my life. Um, I love to read I love to do reading love to play Dungeons and Dragons, because I’m a gigantic nerd. I have because of the whole thing with quarantine, I’ve fallen down several YouTube holes. So and I also just recently moved so I’ve also, you know, I’m finding that I need to unpack more. And I’m, I’m even more of a procrastinator than i that i thought possible.

Stephen 2:26
It’s funny how those things like point out the worst parts of yourself that you don’t need to admit. Yeah. So. So in d&d, what’s your favorite character type to play?

Lon 2:36
Ah, I, I love the first first character I ever played was a ranger. I just I’ve always loved that character and that character class. But I do love playing the wizard. The really smart guy, you know, who’s carrying around the book and sits in the back and through spells, just like you guys go handle the difficult stuff. I’ll be over here throwing fireballs, you’ll be fine.

Stephen 3:06
I always like to play characters that have some sort of like, problem or, oh, yeah, whatever. And I played a giant character once and made myself afraid of the dark. And little did I know that the DM had. The very first thing was we get attacked and we have to run through tunnels without lights. So I held up the whole group and we almost got stuck in a cave in. My one friend was ready to kill me. He’s like, why do you do this? I’m like, It’s fun. It’s telling stories and Exactly. No, I

Lon 3:40
and I love I love giving like, probably like you give a problem to the character. It’s not just Oh, well. I’m a great heroic, blah, blah. No, that’s that’s silly.

Stephen 3:53
It’s boring. It gets

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