Today’s episode is actually an author panel with 8 authors discussing worldbuilding events. These are run by J Thorn and Zach Bohannon where a small group of authors gather to create a world in which they each write a story. A shared world.

Time is spent not only discussing the rules of the world (and each event is a different theme), but also some learning. We have spent time writing character archetypes, story rubric, and working on the 3 C story method.

Afterwards, each author is free to write a story in any genre using the world that everyone created. Past themes have been Rockapoc (at the Rock n Roll hall of fame), sci-fi Seattle, authors on a train (actually spending the time traveling on a train while writing), Witches of Salem, and Vampires of New Orleans.

The locations were chosen to help build the atmosphere and give everyone a great destination to hang out. Below are the authors and links to their sites, books and podcasts.

The Hosts and Worldbuilding Event Page

J Thorn:


Zach Bohannon:


The Authors

JP Rindfleish IX:


Kindle Vella Series: https://linktr.ee/jtblakely

Podcast: https://www.serialfictionshow.com/

Alicia McCalla:


Books: https://aliciamccalla.com/books/

Shop: https://aliciamccalla.com/shop-categories/

Cathy Spader:


Books: https://catherinespader.com/feast-of-the-raven/

T.W. Piperbrook:


Books: http://twpiperbrook.com/contamination/

Michael Axe:


Lon E. Varnadore:


Will Pepper:


Books: https://www.amazon.com/Will-Pepper/e/B08F7ZWPN7%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share