Author Discussion

  • Episode 176 – Ashley Earley – Heart of Skulls

    Episode 176 – Ashley Earley – Heart of Skulls

    Overview Ashley Earley grew up in Georgia, where she spent most of her time running wild in the woods of her backyard, building forts to create her own fantasy worlds, […]

  • Episode 175 – Colin Leonard – Country Roads

    Overview Colin is Irish and used tales of his homeland to create his horror novel, Country Roads. When Luke Sheridan moves out of Dublin city to rural Kilcross with his […]

  • Episode 173 – Edward Willett – Soulworm

    Overview Soulworm, the debut novel of Edward Willett, now the award-winning author of more than twenty novels and twice that many nonfiction books, has just been made available once more […]

  • Episode 172 – BioMed – eSports

    Overview Today is a different episode. I’m not talking to an author, this has to do with video games. Though it’s not focused on video game storytelling as I’ve had […]

  • Episode 171 – Sasscer Hill – Murder at the Willcotts Hotel

    Overview South Carolina author Sasscer Hill, an amateur jockey and horse breeder, writes mysteries in series – The Nikki Latrelle Horse Racing Mysteries (five volumes), The Fia McFee Mysteries (two […]

  • Episode 169 – Robert Wolf – Not a Real Enemy

    Overview Robert Wolf, M.D., grew up as the only child of Ervin and Judit Wolf. Their stories of their escape from communist Hungary, and his father’s tragic history of escaping […]

  • Episode 168 – Ben Levin – Nellie’s Friends

    Overview Ben joins us from New Jersey where he goes to college. Ben may be young and isn’t known, but he is an experienced author with several books under his […]

  • Episode 167 – JL Lawrence – Mystic Series

    Overview I want to welcome Jennifer Lawrence and apologize to her once again. We did a whole episode and talked about a lot of great things – that I forgot […]

  • Episode 166 – Catherine Wells – Aztec Eagle

    Overview Catherine lives in Tucson Arizona and is a bass player. Good combo – author and bass player. She has written a sci-fi novel called Aztec Eagle that is the […]

  • Episode 165 – Jim Beard – Six Gun Legends

    Overview Jim is one half of the Flinch publishing duo and joins us today to talk about their newest anthology – a western title Six Gun Legends. We also discuss […]

  • Episode 164 – Don Ake – Turkey Terror

    Overview Don lives in Ohio with his wife and recently retired. As a retirement goal, he wanted to write a book and he’s written a series of humor books. Along […]

  • Episode 163 – Avyan Shah – True of False

    Overview Avyan is a young writer, 10 years old in fact. Yet, he’s an experienced author that has written a non-fiction book for that his fellow classmates enjoy. As a […]

  • Episode 162 – Gustavo Bondoni – Colony

    Overview Gustav is from South America where he lives with his large family. He writes for a very thriving science fiction fan base there. We discuss his sci-fi military book, […]

  • Episode 161 – Dale Kesterson – Lauren Kaye

    Overview Dale lives in Kansas and writes mystery novels. She’s liked mystery since she was young. Unlike most authors, she uses Linux for her writing and we discuss this. Dale […]

  • Episode 160 – C.S. Devereaux – Fall from Snowbird Mountain

    Overview CS Devereaux declares she’s a southern writer and has a story – Fall from Snowbird Mountain – that uses her southern-ness. She started writing memoirs and morphed into historical […]

  • Episode 159 – John Bruening – Midnight Guardian

    Overview John Bruening is from Cleveland and writes a series of pulp fiction for his Flinch press publisher. These are modern books that have that pulp flair. This episode is […]

  • Episode 158 – Kyle Hannah – No Harbor

    Overview Kyle is the author of sci-fi book – Space Pirate. He lives in Alabama, where he not only writes but runs a small publisher called Jumpmaster Press. Book Website […]

  • Episode 157 – Jim Hepburn – Hunted by Fire

    Overview Like many young men in high school cursed with a dash of creativity, Jim found a love for writing, which everybody else thought was practically useless. Those folks urged […]

  • Episode 156 – Matthew Bennett Young – Spaceball

    Overview Matthew Bennett Young is a British author and has published in many forms (picturebooks, flash fiction, short stories and poetry) although his big passion is for picturebooks. Not only […]

  • Episode 155 – Jeff Strand – Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

    Overview This is a super special episode. Jeff Strand is back to talk about his novelization for the movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. This cult comedy horror movie is […]

  • Episode 154 – Catherine Devore Johnson – Panacea Project

    Overview Catherine joins me from Houston Texas where she lives with her husband and kids. She is a recovering lawyer, though she still does writing for a hospital. Her book […]

  • Episode 153 – Molly Perry – The Game

    Overview Molly was a school teacher and now write middle grade books. She has read her books to her class and engaged them in storytelling. This also leads to a […]

  • Episode 152 – Jake Brown – In the Studio

    Overview Jake Brown is the author of 50+ books and creator/host of ABOUT THE AUTHORS TV.  With over TWO MILLION viewers and counting since TUBI TV began airing Seasons 1 & 2 […]

  • Episode 151 – Ben Monroe – The Seething

    Overview I talk with Roland about the recent ALLI income survey and we discuss A.I. and ChatGPT. Ben Monroe is on to talk about his horror book, the Seething. Ben’s […]

  • Episode 149 – Cindy Jarrett – Firefly Fourth of July

    Overview Cindy Jarrett retired as a school teacher and took up writing. With her partner, she’s written several kids books, which is nice since she taught kids for her hole […]

  • Episode 148 – Cathy Klein – Books a Go Go

    Overview Today I’m talk in with Cathy Klein. Cathy started an independent bookstore that is a popup. Meaning, she travels to various places and sets up to sell books. She […]

  • Episode 147 – Abby Vandiver – Where Wild Peaches Grow

    Overview READERS: Abby is a professional writer (after being a lawyer for years) with over 35 books to her name (and multiple pen names). She also is currently the author […]

  • Episode 146 – DC Gomez – Plague Unleashed

    Overview READERS: DC Gomez is a bestselling author, so there’s a lot to discuss. She tells us about her latest book series – the Intern Diaries – and we talk […]

  • Episode 145 – Stephanie Ellis – Reborn

    Overview READERS: Stephanie lives in Wales and shares her horror novel with us. She talks about reading horror and how she likes the build up to the horrific parts. She […]

  • Episode 144 – Yoshio Daggett

    Overview Yoshio is a 16 year old author. He hasn’t written just one book, he’s written two! We discuss his writing and how he took advantage of a family vacation […]