Author Discussion

  • Episode 126B – David Bowles – Whiskey Marketing

    Overview David marketed throughout his career and has used that information to get his books into bookstores. Book YouTube Transcript Let’s move on and talk some author stuff for all the authors listening. So before we talk about our topic, which is going to be lessons learned in marketing what are some things you personally […]

  • Episode 125B – Steve Leshin – Developing a Series

    Overview Steve attributes the success of his series to his great character, Joshua Oates. He had the idea for the series because he had the character so well developed. We discuss how focusing on the character helped him to create the series as a whole. Book YouTube Transcript All right. So let’s talk some author […]

  • Episode 124B – Charles Degelman – Being a Professor for Young Writers

    Overview Charles is a professor and works with young adults on writing. We have a great discussion about helping the next generation learn to write and what is important in that process. This isn’t just about learning to spell or diagram a sentence. We discuss exercises and learning about editing. His Book YouTube Transcript So […]

  • Episode 123B – Lisa Solod – Time Constraints

    Overview Lisa is back and talking about time constraints. As a mother, she had limited time to write because of all her other duties and responsibilities. Even if you aren’t a writer, we all face time constraints and it affects how much time we can write. Book YouTube Transcript so let’s talk some author stuff. […]

  • Episode 122B – Randi-Lee Bowslaugh – Burn Out

    Overview Randi-Lee is back talking about mental health and authors. Too many authors suffer from getting burnt out, which can be a different problem that is manifested in burn out. In her book, Embracing Me, Randi-Lee discusses how we can lead a happier life, and these lessons are applied to authors to avoid times when […]

  • Episode 121B – Kristina Rienzi – Writing Fiction and Non-Fiction

    Overview Kristina has written both fiction and non-fiction. This is more than most authors, so we have a great discussion on what it’s like to write both – how they’re different and what to expect. YouTube Transcript Let’s do some author talk. So before we get onto our topic You’ve been writing for a while […]

  • Episode 119B – Emily Wolf – Current Events in Writing

    Overview Emily included a legal abortion in her story that she wrote several years ago. Little did she know that when she released that book, legal abortions would be in jeopardy and controversy would surround her story. We discuss how world event affect writing and how to handle it as a writer. YouTube Transcript Okay, […]

  • Episode 118B – Bill Kiraly – Real People in Stories

    Overview Bill has written stories that reference real people. This is a hot topic for many authors. We discuss the best way to use real people and whether you should or not. YouTube Transcript All right, so let’s talk some other stuff and we have an interesting topic that we’ve not. Discussed with anyone before. […]

  • Episode 117B – Jocie McKade – Amazon Book Returns

    Overview Jocie and Stephen discuss the problem of Amazon book returns. Their policy hurts authors. What are the alternatives and possible solutions? We have several and some related issues that we discuss. YouTube Transcript let’s talk some author stuff and we have a good topic coming up about people returning books to Amazon. But before […]

  • Episode 116B – JP McLean – Hiring Services

    Overview JP is back to talk about her experience with hiring book services, especially an editor. We discuss things new authors should know and think about and how that may change as you become more experienced. YouTube Transcript All righty. Which I have author questions, but let’s go back to earlier. What we, what you […]

  • Episode 115B – Chris Denmead – Collaborators

    Overview Creating a graphic novel involved working with others, so we discuss working with collaborators. Many authors are looking into collaborating and this is great information. YouTube Transcript [00:00:47] Stephen: Well, let’s talk some other. okay. When, when you first started writing at 19, what are some things that you’ve [00:00:54] Chris: learned? I really […]

  • Episode 114B – Gary Wietgrefe – Lessons Learned

    Overview Gary and Stephen discuss using tools like Pro Writing Aid and why you shouldn’t only depend on those. Not everyone wants to hire an editor, but it helps you improve your writing in ways you may not understand at first. YouTube Transcript Let’s talk a little bit on some author stuff. So before we […]

  • Episode 113B – Diane Bator – Playwright

    Overview Diane is not only a cozy mystery writer, she helps run a theater and has written plays. This is a topic that most authors don’t know much about and she divulges quite a bit of great information about her process. YouTube Transcript So Diane, let’s talk some author stuff. You’ve written multiple books at […]

  • Episode 112B – Thorsten – German to English writing

    Overview Thorsten speaks German but now writes in English. We discuss writing in two different languages and getting your work translated. YouTube Transcript [00:00:46] Stephen: All right, so let’s talk some author stuff, and this will be a great conversation. I’m looking forward to it. But before we talk about our topic, what are some […]

  • Episode 111B – Armin Shimerman – Choosing to Write

    Overview Armin has vast experience as an actor, but enjoys a playhouse also. He has studied Shakespeare and teaches students about Shakespeare. And yet, he had the desire to write. We have a great discussion about the different activities he does along with writing and why he chose write in the first place. Authors, there […]

  • Episode 110B – Jim Christina – Podcast and Radio

    Overview Besides writing, Jim does a live radio show each week that talks to a variety of authors. This gets turned into a podcast. We discuss the pros and cons of a podcast and why an author may want to, or may not, decide to include podcasting in their repetoire. YouTube Transcript [00:00:46] Stephen: All […]

  • Episode 109B – David Kelly – Book Covers and Trailers

    Overview David is unique among authors in that he not only has book trailers, but he creates them himself. We discuss how to do this and problems you need to be aware of. YouTube Transcript [00:00:49] Stephen: authors. This episode is usually meant for you. It’s not about the book. It’s about writing an author […]

  • Episode 108B Paul Bahou – Post First Book

    Overview Paul finished his first book and is working on his second. Unlike many, he wants to get the first one out and not hold onto it while he works on the second one. Being a musician, there are some comparisons he makes to publishing. There are some things that are different, but we discuss […]

  • Episode 107B – VK Tischler – Parallel Worlds

    Overview In our author segment, VK talks about using her psychology degree to understand her characters and give them more depth. And since she lives in Australia, we discuss how that affects printing and buying books. We then dig into the meat of our discussion and how authors can or should handle stories with multiple […]

  • Episode 106B – MT Bass – Community

    Overview MT attributes much of his long term success to being in a good group. Community and hearing from other authors is critical to long term success. An aspect that is difficult is getting feedback or getting criticized. MT has some words of wisdom for this and we talk about how authors can use groups […]

  • Episode 105B – Guy Windsor – I want to be a writer or I want to write

    Overview Guy’s main focus is swords – which includes translating and evaluating old texts and teaching the information in there. Yes, he’s written multiple books – but does that mean he’s a writer? We have a good discussion on what can make the difference to say you’re a writer or that you want to write. […]

  • Episode 104B – Trisha Campbell – Author Platform

    Overview Tricia has done very well with her first book, and she attributes that to building her author platform. She has great advice about getting reviews and getting the book out in front of people. She has reached out to other authors and helped them with selling by building their platform. YouTube Transcript I appreciate […]

  • Episode 102B – M.K. Tufft – Marketing Middle Grade

    Overview MK studied the market for her kids books, because marketing MG is different than most. Her books are STEM based and enjoys using her background to write her books. We discuss all the things that go into making a successful middle grade book. It pays to study the market and imitate what works. YouTube […]

  • Episode 101B – Diana Zinna – What to do when things look bleak

    Overview I talk with Diane about how to keep writing when things look bleak. Her book was written when her life was at a low point. YouTube Transcript [00:28:52] Stephen: Okay, let’s move on to some author stuff. Now, before we get onto our discussion topic, a couple of questions. [00:29:00] You said that book […]

  • Episode 100B – Will Pepper – Switching Genre

    Overview Will is an interesting writer. When he started writing, he wrote kids choose your own adventure books. Now he is switching to writing adult thrillers. That’s what he loves, and it makes the writing more fun and leads to a better story. We discuss his influences, which are a bit surprising for a thriller […]

  • Episode 99B – Davia Andrews – Imposter Syndrome

    Overview All authors can relate to imposter syndrome. This typically happens to new authors, but everyone seems to experience it at some point. We have a good discussion on what is imposter syndrome, why you may feel that way, and why it isn’t true. YouTube Transcript Let’s talk a little author stuff. Since you are […]

  • Episode 98 – Panel: Structures, Methods, and Frameworks

    Overview Authors talk about the different frameworks and structures they use to help their writing. These can be confusing for new authors – what are they and why should I use them? On our panel, we have a diverse group of authors. Authors that have written for years and authors that have one book published. […]

  • Episode 97B – David Savage – Your Book is Your Brand

    Overview David and I discuss making sure your brand and book align and how they support each other. Even though David writes non-fiction, the advice applies to fiction and non-fiction. David also offers any listeners of Discovered Wordsmith a free copy of his book – Better by Design. Contact him at his website: YouTube […]

  • Episode 96B – Ann Charles – Relationship Marketing

    Overview Ann attributes a lot of her success to her marketing. She isn’t talking about only advertising. This is a great discussion from an author making a living with their writing. Gain insight into what she does to keep her books flying off the shelves. YouTube Transcript [00:00:48] Stephen: great. And you’ve been writing for […]

  • Episode 95B – JD Core – Podcasting

    Overview Dave talks with me about how he uses NaNoWriMo to get writing and finish his books. He has several tips for working this way. Since Dave has also had a podcast, we discuss running a podcast as an author. There are options for the style of the podcast, and we discuss the differences. We […]